Totally Heidi Lynn

pride and prejudice

so i love this movie…the newer one with kiera knightly…the older one is okay…but sooooo long…i fall asleep every time. the new one is short and to the point…i have watched it twice since sunday…and i melt every time at the end when lizzy and the adorable mr. darcy finally hook up. although it totally buggs that they don’t kiss until the very very very last scene. what the deal yo. anyways…so i googled the movie and lo and behold there are pictures from the movie. i was curious…so i start going through them and at first it is scenes from the movie in which mr. darcy is absolutely attractive….then came real mr darcy…in which much is left to be desired….here let me show you what i mean. pictures are pretty small….if you want a better look google pride and prejudice.


here he is way super attractive…the lights the great walk….then i get to this…


i think it is the hair….anywho…peace out friends heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn