Totally Heidi Lynn

BIG pages

so i have started a little side business for making custom big pages to hang up as home decor. We make it easy to get cash! Stop by one of our convenient locations near you Payday Now. I make themĀ  so all you need to do is add pictures…i can make them to match your house, kids bedroom’s, or as a gift. you can provide the frame or i can get you one…i think it adds a personal touch to your house. i also have some premade ones for sale at Scrapbooks Etc. here is some that i have made so far….

it is a 16×20 and you just add 4×6 photos of each one of your kids…

20×20′s to put in your baby’s room

here is one a cute friend ordered for her daughter’s room…

so super fun…

oh and here is a photo of my 87 year old grandad and nixon. grandad has a way with babies he sings and rocks them to sleep…so cute. i love this picture.

peace friends heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn