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As Seen on Pinterest

So my very first class of AS SEEN ON PINTEREST is coming up this Thursday! You should totally come! So we have all see how “in” chalk paint and chalkboard paint are. And why not when it paints onto any surface including glass without any prep work or priming! + it is so cute! Come learn how to make it for a fraction of the cost of buying it. We will using that chalkboard paint on a frame, and the chalk paint on a cute photo holder. The class is just $18 and all you will need is a frame (glass in!) foam paint brushes,apron, double sided adhesive. AND as a extra + I have a ton of other ideas, instructions, + supplies on how to use both chalk paint and chalkboard paint. AND I will be making a new recipe twinkie cupcakes…can you say delicious! Sign up online and receive 10% off!

Heidi Lynn