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the boy named paul

so today is the boy named paul’s 29th birthday. we love him. i am so lucky to have him in my life. he is the best father, husband and best friend a girl could ever ask for. happy day paulie!

peace friends heidi lynn
ps. calendar kit gals and friends. Had a hard time with a getting a couple products but, they are almost finished! They will be shipping out Tuesday!

Heidi Lynn

i have decided

so i have decided some things. one…that stella is adorable. Especially when she dances around in her sparkly shoes singing wizard of oz (yes we watch it about 4 times a day around here..and the shoes must be worn 24/7)

two…that february is coming really fast and i can’t believe all that i need to get done before miss teagen (yes that is the new chicks name) will be here. and three…that i am using the new michael miller “secret garden” fabric for everything teagen…bumpers, car seat cover, diaper bag. really they should just rename the fabric to teagen.

i mean really look how adorable it is. i have already completed the car seat cover. look how cute it is!

happy decisions. peace friends heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

it’s a girl!

so we had our mid way ultra sound yesterday…and we found out we are having another girl! we are totally excited! Look at the profile…she totally looks like stella…so we already know she is adorable!

got to go finish kitting and baking for class tonight! peace friends heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn