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a couple of classes

so my totally pages class is coming up this wednesday! here are the 4 kitted layout options. you get to choose 3 out of the 4 layouts.

super fun…i am making brownie cookies…hopefully i will see you there!

and…every year i do a calendar class. this year i have revamped it a little bit. every year the grandparents expect something like this for christmas…but it is hard to make so many duplicates in time. so..i have new calendar concept that takes less time but (in my humble opinion) a bigger impact. at first glance it is just a cute album…but flip open the tab and there is your calendar. when it hangs the tab flips open. take a look.

fun right! this class is november 3rd 5:30-9pm, and november 4th 10:30-2pm. You will need to bring 12 8×12 pictures (don’t worry that size available almost everywhere) and you basic scrapbooking tools. all the paper, embellishments, custom calendar and print work are in the kits. again hope to see you there.
peace friends…heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

Welcome Friends download- Here’s Your Sign

welcome friends! to my new blog look. i am totally excited about it! it is making it possible for me to have not only my blog, but a shop, gallery, and even a spot to check out my latest classes. it is all coming super soon. i have the boy named paul working hard don’t worry. i must make a little apology to my CE gals. i am a little late on a promise that i made. here is the free download for the welcome friends big page. hope you have fun creating!


and to all you gals taking my “Here’s Your Sign” class tomorrow. You will need a paper trimmer, scissors, strong double sided adhesive, glue dots, lots of 3D foam squares, Ruler, and if you have a Ranger Antique Linen ink pad. see you soon!

peace friends heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

Here’s Your Sign

So I got my 2 holiday home decor boards finished! I will be teaching these boards at Scrapbooks Etc. September 7th. Make sure to specify what board you would like…or if you want both, sign up twice. You will need to bring to class,  Antique Linen Ink Pad from Ranger, Paper Trimmer, 3D foam squares, strong double sided adhesive, glue dots, and scissors.

I will also have ready made kits available at Creative Escape for all you out of town ladies. There is only a limited supply so if you would like to pre-order one through Scrapbooks Etc. (480)854-2303. I will have it at the store on site with your name on it. Just ask the gals at the register. The kits include all the paper, die cuts, embellishments, and the 10×20 black chipboard. It also includes step by step instructions and a color copy. You will need, Martha Stewart border punch, embossing templates, Ranger Antique Linen Ink Pad, paper trimmer, strong double sided adhesive, 3D foam squares and scissors to complete this project at home. Hope to see you there!

back to kitting! peace friends! heidi lynn


Heidi Lynn

recap on july

so a lot has happened in july…we spent the 1st 2 weeks in California. it was a blast. stella had so much fun at the beach, with her cousins, and we even saw a guy catch a shark at the pier.

i got a new hair cut by my genius sister hillary henslee. It is great because from wet to done it takes me 10 min…if you don’t have a chick…i am for real serious not just because she is my sister serious…that she is amazing…and very entertaining. here is her info…ask for hillary HENSLEE (there are 2 hillarys) she is at LUXE salon at Gilbert and Germann…and the phone # is (480)209-1659..and as an added perk…mention my blog to her and she will give you 15% off your 1st time.

we have also had a new addition to the family. my sister in law had a girl named hannah…she is absolutely beautiful…this is her 3rd and i got to baby sit her older 2 boys…all i have to say is holy hannah! hannah is going to be able to handle anything. good luck steph!

i have also been a crazy woman, prepping for Creative Escape. i am so excited! i have been crafting, and power pointing…sewing…i am just so excited to be apart of it. i can’t believe it is in 3 weeks. my only problem is finding something that i look cute in with my growing belly. i am officially due february 10th. i also can’t wait for this whole first trimester to be over…is it just me or is the 1st trimester the worst.

also i have been working on upcoming classes. i have a new halloween, christmas, and thanksgiving big pages almost read to show. i also have a calendar that is just about there. i will pop them up as soon as they are finished. CE gals if you want to pre order kits i can have them for you at the event! just call scrapbooks etc. to sign up for them. (480)854-2303. here is next weeks totally pages…you get to choose 3 out of the 4. hope to see you there.

peace friends! heidi lynn



Heidi Lynn

some news…

if you haven’t heard through the grapevine…a little announcement…i am pregnant! i am thinking i am due beginning of february…but i haven’t been to the doc yet for the for sure date. i only mention now, so that my girls don’t think i have been neglecting the mid section next time i see them (yes i already have a gut.) well the boy named paul and i couldn’t be happier and stella doesn’t have a clue.

also i wanted to post my pages for my Totally Pages class…July 12th & 13th…super fun! you should come.

also wanted to wish every a wonderful 4th of july! hope everyone has a happy, safe holiday celebrating the land that i love!

peace friends…heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn