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EASY churro cupcakes

they are absolutely fabulous…if i do say so myself. i was doing my usual blog stalk and i came upon this recipe from a blog couple of clicks off the beaten pass…(can’t remember it) it sounded so good…but so hard. so i made a simplified but oh so delicious version of my own. and at the request of my TP gals here it is.

1 cinnabon cake mix (got it at Fry’s)

your favorite cream cheese frosting

Nana’s Tortillas (uncooked) by the rolls in the refrigerator section

2 cups of oil

1 cup sugar and 3T of Cinnamon

Directions: Make the cinnabon cake mix like it tells you to. Frost the deliciousness with your fave cream cheese frosting. Cut the 4 tortillas into little strips and fry them in the oil until they barely golden brown. (they keep cooking for another minute or so after you take them out of the oil.) Paper Towel them off and let cool for a minute. Pour the cinnamon and sugar into a freezer ziploc bag and shake it so that the sugar and cinnamon is mixed. Dump the fried tortilla strips in the bag and shake, shake, shake. Top them off on the frosted cupcakes. People will think you are amazing…and your are… amazingly smart.

oh and a little reminder that you really wanted to sign up for the this Tuesday June 14th. you will need to bring or purchase: 16×16 Pillow form, 3 fat quarters, green felt, thread, sewing machine, and a smile. pattern, ruffle, letter, and circle are included in the class fee.(you get to pick your own fabric, letter, and everything) Fastionista baby!

peace friends, heidi lynn


Heidi Lynn

a party for steph

so i have this wonderful sister (in law) named stephanie. i love her. she is having her 3 child next month (3 under 3 holy hannah!) so we had a baby shindig for her. it went great. just thought i share some highlight pics.

i was so excited to finally be able to do a girl quilt for her (2 boys.) Can’t wait to meet Hannah!

peace friends heidi lynn



Heidi Lynn

Stellie Book

so it is Totally Pages time again. It is June 7th or 8th (you pick) from 6:30-8:30pm. It will be super fun…i am making churro cupcakes…(they are amazing…just ask the boy named paul.) You should come…come on you deserve it for getting through the month of may…holy hannah crazy month. Here are the 4 kitted layouts that you get to choose from.

so i will see you there right? also couldn’t help but share this really cute pic of stella…according to her “reading stellie book” aka her scrapbook. this is why i scrapbook.

oh! and i also got my fashionista class finished…if you can sew a strait line then you can make this…it is great for beginners i promise! you get to pick your fabric, what a great way to spruce up a kid’s bedroom or use a family letter and match your family room…so fun. The ruffle and monogram are included in class. so come…not this tuesday but next tuesday.

peace friends! heidi lynn


Heidi Lynn


hello crazy may! i don’t even have a kid in school and feel like it has been crazy. i got to go to quilt market this past week….so much fun. it was great to be able to tour 10 stores and see what everyone is doing up there. i also got to see my aunt rosemary and cousin lindsey and her cute kids. loved it. this week i get to go to creative escape preview day and have a practice teach. which is great so i get to work out all the bugs before the awesome event. i heard there are still a few spots left…you should sign up.

also i have my here’s your sign class coming up on may 24th…and here is what they look like.

you get to choose what kit you want…or sign up twice for both (make sure to let me know before class what kit you want!) i thought celebrate would be good for all of our patriotic holidays not only 4th of july. and who doesn’t need a welcome sign up in there home….anyways hopefully i will see you there. peace friends heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

Totally Pages May

here are the 4 kitted layouts for TOTALLY PAGES May! Choose 3 out of the 4 to be included in the class fee.

(good for birthday pictures or everyday pictures)

(new family member even if it is a dog joking!)

It is Tuesday May 10th from 6:30-8:30…you should come…its fun.

peace friends, heidi lynn


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