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i found the most amazing entertainment center thing for my family room…soooooo….i am selling this buffet. it is super cute, all wood the whole works…but as you see doesn’t quite fill up my humungus hole space. it was really awesome because you can have the iron doors shut and still work the tv box and dvd player. just saw super similar stuff for $1200 at potato barn…here is the link…let me know if you are interested.


Heidi Lynn

Happy Day

so i love easter…it is such a happy day…we get to celebrate that our Savior Lives, get together with family and there is spectacular candy this time of year. well this was the first year that stella girl understood kinda what was going on…well she figured out that bright colorful eggs bring you candy and you get to wear a princess dress. look how cute she is…she looks so old. and of course she had to be twins with miss sydney…so cute!


also i wanted to show you my upcoming Yo Yo Animal class…it is this lovely (made out of a minky animal and fabric so super duper soft)…you get to pick your animal…frog, monkey, pig, dog, bear, or duck and then make it a boy or girl (boys have a shirt and girls have a dress and bow) It is $18 plus materials and it is May 3rd and 6pm. Should be super fun…great for baby gifts or grandkid gifts…hope to see you there. peace friends heidi lynn


Heidi Lynn

a little birdie

so i have been scrapbooking/crafting since i was 10….probably before because my mom was crafty all my life…and what i am about to admit might seem shocking to you…it was to me…i never ever have participated in a swap of any kind. never. i mean i have worked at the best craft store in the world, taught and a number of events…but never participated in a swap. well when i realized this it was good timing because SB ETC. had just recently started hosting some swaps. i signed up…and today is the day i turn it in. i did this little birdie pincushion…it is a little chubby and quirky, but i think i really like it…hopefully who ever gets it likes it to.

also wanted to share some adorable pictures of some little cousins…crazy kids

this is what happens when i say smile…stella does this cheesy fake one, sydney pulls a goofy face and…nixon


then the rest of them copy. peace friends heidi

Heidi Lynn

spring cleaning

so i have been doing a serious deep clean on my craft room. it was beyond really needing it. i mean i do a surface clean, but there are always those scary boxes that i just don’t want to deal with. i am proud to say everything now is in it’s proper place. every box and basket cleaned out. whew…that feels good.

while doing said cleaning i discovered some little beauties. this is really embarrassing but i found some create board kits, so all those gals who were asking about them…i lied to you…i really do have them. i am putting them up on my etsy. if you don’t have one…you should buy one.

the most favorite thing i found however was this picture.

on the jones side…i was the first granddaughter born. here i am same age as stella is now with my brother and 2 other cousins.what is crazy is i see stella making that exact look at me all the time…so weird. (do you like my sun tan)


also Totally Pages is coming up April 13th…here are the layouts. you should come party with me…i have new cookie recipe that i am trying out.


remember this layout from last month that the stuff didn’t come in for…don’t worry it is now¬† an extra page this month

well friends that is it for now. hopefully i will see you soon! heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

a gift for mom

so my mom’s birthday is on its way…she is one special lady and deserves everything good in life. she however is very difficult to find gifts for. she tells she wants us to get her nothing, or something ridiculous like a new ironing board cover. needless to say, every time it is time to give her something to show how much i love and appreciate her, it takes quite a bit of brain power to come up with something. this time…i think i have found the perfect thing.

while browsing on anthropoligie’s website, i found a super fun lamp that was stacked dishes…well it was way out of budget…but i thought with some help of the boy named paul i could conquer it. i am so pleased on how it turned out.

in the middle of the project i realized i had to buy a $20 bit, lamp kit, lamp rod, shade, cute dishes, spray paint, and fabric, plus the couple of hours of work to figure it out. so i decided to get my money’s worth and make 3…if you are interested they are up for sale at SB ETC…Fully functioning lamp…but better because it is one of a kind.

peace friends Heidi Lynn

Heidi Lynn