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totally t june

hey ladies…before peace wanted to show you gals totally t june. please bring your tim holtz foam handle, and a black ink pad along with your other regular stuff. 1st three are the kitted ones! peace friends! heidi lynn








Heidi Lynn


5 days until break my face day. it is so crazy that in less then a week i will look and feel completely different…i have been to sooo many appointments prepping for this. i have waited 2 years to get to this point and it seems like it has taken forever…but now it seems that it is coming too fast. i know my doc is amazing…it is even in his name (masters) but it is my face. he is making a ton of breaks…he is even taking a chunk out of my chin. who needs to breathe normally…

what i am grateful for is paulie…he has been so amazing…being to appointments…making me feel calmer…having so much faith that i have a loving Heavenly Father looking out for me. this whole situation has just made us closer then we already were. there are great things in every situation.

i just can’t wait to be finished. peace friends heidi lynn

ps. go david cook!

Heidi Lynn

my mother dearest

i know it is a couple days past mother’s day…but i didn’t get a chance to write about how much i love my mom. not only am i one of the luckiest girls ever to have my mom just a couple of miles away. she is the most caring, loving, awesome person i know. she is the BEST example of what a christ-like person should be. plus she is probably the cutest grandma there is. LOVE YA TONS MOM!


Heidi Lynn

Totally T. May!! WHOop WHOop!

Hey peeps…here are the totally t may (as in next week…remember you want to sign up) we are doing goosebumps…crystal laquer and the rub-on roller. the first three are the ones included in the class….and don’t worry cat people..there will be a furry friend cat option. peace friends!! heidi lynn

ps…this is like the 3rd post in row…i know i know…i TOTALLY rock! j/k








Heidi Lynn

3 TV

So one of my projects was on 3 TV with terri o. i did a fun Bazzill Lickity Slip book and she put it on TV as a great easy summer album. Go check it out on 3 TV’s website. (It is the brown album project) anyways i was stoked. peace friends! heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn