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i (heart) Judge J.

k guys…really can’t help the fact that i love judge judy…she is the bomb diggity x3. she tells you what is up and what is not. love that. plus i love seeing crazy people who don’t know how to live their own lives. (not all the people of course…i have seen 2 people i know on it) so i decided i needed to get to know her better….look what i found. (i promise…i really am not that obsessed.)


Judith “Judge Judy” Sheindlin
Rank: 13
Net Worth (in $ millions): 95
Age: 64
Marital Status: married
Kids: 5
Source: TV

Since Judge Judy debuted in 1996, the irascible former family court judge continues to dominate the daytime reality courtroom genre, spawning countless copycats. (The genre was all but written off following the demise of The People’s Court in 1993.) Her $100 million, four-year contract, signed in 2004, makes her one of the highest-paid women in television. She has been nominated eight times for an Emmy award and written four books, all of which became national bestsellers.

holy hannah!! she is rollin’ in the Benjamin’s!! peace friends! heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

i am alive!!

hey gals…i have survived. wasn’t too bad…i look kinda funny now…but the worst part of this surgery is over…

for those who don’t know…on wednesday i had some gum surgery…i had 13 teeth lengthened by 4mm and 6 gum pockets taken out on my top jaw. on by bottom i had 2 gum pieces (from dead people) implanted on all my bottom gums. which is kinda crazy to think about…but better in the long run.

things i didn’t know prior to the surgery about the surgery.

1. they don’t put you asleep for it…even though it is pretty hardcore…they need you kickin’ so they can ask questions.

2. i don’t get numb very easily. they would numb me…and then 10 minutes later i would feel them cuttin’ away…not very comfortable let me tell you….i had to have 17 shots during the course of the surgery. the ones that went in the sides of my gums weren’t bad…you just have the needle prick then done….but the 9 they had to do in the lid of my mouth…holy hannah!!! i guess you have hardly any tissue up there…so pretty much they shoot up strait up into nerves…it burns like no other.

3. Hydrated dead people gums look like boogers/snot/white gummy worms. just imgaine a huge clump of glue dots.

4. It takes a lot of stitches to put on said gums. i have about 70 in my mouth right now. and the thing that took the longest was them having to stitch through my teeth and attach to other side of my teeth. avoiding braces and brackets i guess is tough too.

5. when you think you are spitting out a lot of blood…you really aren’t…it is a little blood with a lot of spit, and i was assured it was no big deal.

6. a person can really get sick of ice cream/shakes/protein drinks/jamba. i didn’t think it was possible…but it really is.

7. ice is one of my best friends. it totally kicks swelling’s butt.

8. you don’t get to have the instant gratification of knowing what you look like. i think the hardest part is not actually seeing what they did to you because i have this bubblegum looking stuff all over my gums. i want to peek so bad but in it specifically says in the post-operative instructions to…and i quote..”do not stretch your lips to evaluate the surgical site. this may slow healing or may cause harm to the area.” it is even in bold type…so i figure they are serious.

9. there is nothing good on tv at 1:00 in the afternoon. i even got caught up on my judge judys. good thing i had them.

10. friends are the best. i never knew so many people cared. thanks so much for being so awesome. i am good, good, good…wasn’t near as bad as i thought is was going to be…not sayin’ i want to do it again, but really not too bad. going back to work tomorrow. wednesday i get the bubblegum junk taken off..i will take pictures of my face and post them. from what i hear i will be bruised and it will look kinda funny…but i can’t wait! peace friends!!

Heidi Lynn

Totally T. march

that is right…not even march…and holy hannah…pages are up! no need for applause. sorry for the sorta wack pictures…my camera battery…well it has no juice in it. first 3 are the ones kitted in class…the others are the extra pages.







one is missing…it is being not fun….but it is hanging out in the store. (its another boy type page) sorry gals!

gum surgery tomorrow…if i don’t blog for a bit…you know why…peace friends heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

what the life

 what a good week this has been! 5 reasons why it was great!

the boy named paul was glorious on Valentines Day and cleaned my kitchen and bathrooms top to bottom. (best gift in the universe!!)

i got to sit on my brand new aqua/brown couch and love seat! now my living room is not so bare! wa…the freakin’…who

i get to watch american idol 3 days in a row…garuntee of 3 nights of great television.

i have gotten to bed by 9:30pm every night this week. I know i am way luxurious.

and the best thing is that my front yard landscaping was put in. we are no longer the white trash people on the street. got to love the feeling!

happy week…all is well. peace friends

Heidi Lynn

22 things i have learned

here is 22 things i have learned while being 22 as per copying the fab ang dunn

1. That the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on earth and that the Book of Mormon is also a true book. I am so grateful to know this.

2. That marrying my best friend was the best thing i could have done in the universe.

3. That huge washers and dryers are the best thing to purchase even if you are broke.

4. That even though i didn’t know it when i was fighting with my mom at 13, that my mom is the best person and my 2nd best friend. the gal that would always stick by my side.

5. That the boy named paul really does love robots.

6. That i have the best job a girl could ask for. I LOVE SCRAPBOOKS ETC!!

7. That my TOTALLY T. gals are TOTALLY hott…TOTALLY nice……TOTALLY awesome…well you get the point.

8. That a girl really can never have too many pairs of shoes even though others (husbands) might think so.

9. That pink really is the cutest color in the whole free world.

10. That there is no reversing the fact that i also love edward (only in the fictional sense.)

11. That you should forgive and also forget.

12. That a chubby baby is always cute, especially miss syd

13. That the boy named paul has a good singing voice…but only in the shower.

14. Reading makes me happy

15. That my Father is such a good guy, and example….he knows how to explain things just right.

16. That a person can really be on the computer 24/7 and think it was the funnest thing in the universe (oh paulie!)

17. That Judge Judy really knows whats up.

18. That i clean house makes me happy even if i hate cleaning it.

19. That stories of growing up are hilarious a little later on….especially at Sunday night dinners.

20. That service is good for you more then it is good for them.

21. That first impressions are not always right

22. That life is great…if you think so.

well….i just wanted to say thanks for everyone who was way TOTALLY nice to me on my birthday. The boy named paul i love you….Mother Dearest and Father Dearest you ROCK! Nathan and Lacy you are so great…Scrapbooks ETC gals are the best…(Jules you rock) and the TOTALLY T girls you made my day. thank you thank you!! peace friends…off to cali for CHA.  heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn