Totally Heidi Lynn

happy early birthday to me!!

since i will be partying with the totally t gals…my family took me out last night. i had a fabulous stuffed baker at joe’s bbq and even gotten a couple presents early. my fam is wonderful!! so nice and generous….here are a couple of my favorite presents!


i have already listened to the 1st cd while i was scrap attacking last night.


the boy named paul gave me a new chi! halla back ya’ll…freshly used (don’t get grossed out by the hair.)

i hope to see all my gals at totally t this week. if you want to see the pages just click on the tt tab. peace friends heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

totally t feb!

hey ya ladies!! as promised totally t feb…posted more than a week before…i know…i am amazing…enough patting myself on the back…here they are…lots of the cool stuff isn’t showing up very well though…if you want to see the for real deal they are hanging out at the store.








i usually think all pages are created equal…but i am totally diggin’ the cowboy page…the picture is just so  totally cute.  hope to see you all in class…peace friends…heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

what you are about to see…

what you are about to see is very scary…some might say too horrifying to have small children present. you have been for warned.




this is what i look like when i let everything go by the wayside…and only scrapbook…i am at 16 layouts this week…and counting…(only 10 more due by friday)…my laundry is starting to pile…my voice and eyebrows now much resembles a mans…and i have my 3rd cold of the season. but….


i got totally t pages done….i will post later today or tomorrow…


and i now have the internet and phone at my home….things are looking up…i can now communicate with the outside world after 4pm. so sorry about the lack of posts…i blame it ALL on cox communications.

and please let us now have a moment of silence for heath ledger who died yesterday of an overdose (maybe) i for one will totally miss his beautiful smile. and have decided tonight i will watch a knight’s tale in his memory.

peace friends!! heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

i love totally t!

i love teaching totally t! and it is because of all the wonderful ladies that come to my class! i can’t believe how many great women (and chuck) come to my class. i have made so many great friends from teaching. thanks totally t gals for totally rockin’ my world. peace! heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

totally t. jan

so it has been a million years since i have blogged…i know…i do have a pretty good excuse though…i have looked, bought, closed and moved into a new house in 2 weeks. i am crazy i know. any who here is the layouts for this week. sorry they were not up earlier. first three are the kitted ones…and the last four are the ones you can buy. peace friends heidi lynn








Heidi Lynn