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i am all about them…and christmas is the best time for it…every year a week before christmas we get to open ornaments that my mom buys us. each year they are absolutely adorable. my faves are def the ones that she made us when she was pro wood cutsie lady of the universe. last night was the night to open so that we could enjoy having them and seeing them on the tree. this year she got them from Ark kan saw when she was there…(you have to say it properly)¬† it stinkin’ cute and i love ours. merry week before christmas ya’all. peace heidi lynn


Heidi Lynn

totally t gals

hey tt girls…i haven’t forgotten my extra pages stuff i promise…i will make sure tomorrow it gets up and ready for you all…have a merry week before christmas…peace friends heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

the boy named paul…and christmas

the boy named paul…is just like a 5 year old when either his birthday or christmas time comes…and i love it. now being married to him for 3 years….i have woken up on October 20th (at 4:30-5am no less) to paul shouting HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! He simply is so excited he can not contain himself. Christmas time is nothing less…i have had to hide his gifts or wrap them as soon as i get them. i have also had to find new ways to by gifts so it won’t come up on our charge card and when ordering online…thats hard. i do not have children…but i do know something of the holidays brings with children. i love it…it makes it like a game¬† and i love how excited he is to receive his gifts. what he loves more then anything though is giving the gifts….he is always done way early buying for me…and so much thought goes into what he gives me…most the time he can’t wait until the actual day to give them he is so excited. our first christmas i asked him if he was gay because he did so well on picking out my clothes and purses….he was disgusted i said that (ps…not true whatesoever) he told me he just went to the stores he knew i liked to shop at…found the cutest girl and told her to pick an outfit out for me. he is so funny. so that is one of the many reasons i call my husband the boy named paul….love you paulie! peace friends…heidi lynn


Heidi Lynn

Holy HANNAH! time flies

is there anyone out there…you gals probably stopped checking this because i haven’t written so long. have you ever been so busy…that 2 weeks blew by and didn’t even know it. that is what has happen to me. it seems with the holidays are crazier then they have ever been. well…i am back….and here are totally t pages that i promised. we are doing tattered angels glitter mist…7 gypsies metal borders….and paper flowers…here there are! first three included in the class…and the last four are the extras! these pages are are kinda in honor of my cousin shelby (the cute blonde chick kissing her kids)…this week is her last chemo treatment…go shelby!

peace friends heidi lynn








Heidi Lynn

mel is a genius!

so we had family photos saturday, they turned out great! then mel (my cousin) played with a new lens…here is some of what she did.


oh Sydney…adorable even though she is crying.




isn’t this a great photo of my parents!


and the cutest haley lou!


and a shot of me…it is a good before brake my face day. ha ha…peace friends

Heidi Lynn