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Hey all the Bazzill IN STITCHES book is out and is way hott! there are some great layouts in there with some way cute ideas. Great peeps are in it, some of my faves are by the ging (aka ginger zaccardi) jenn wagner and angie dunn….and well i am it too. you really need to pick one up they are only 12 bones for 50 layouts and cards. here are some samples!




stitches so easy and adds so much! love it! peace friends! heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

pride and prejudice

so i love this movie…the newer one with kiera knightly…the older one is okay…but sooooo long…i fall asleep every time. the new one is short and to the point…i have watched it twice since sunday…and i melt every time at the end when lizzy and the adorable mr. darcy finally hook up. although it totally buggs that they don’t kiss until the very very very last scene. what the deal yo. anyways…so i googled the movie and lo and behold there are pictures from the movie. i was curious…so i start going through them and at first it is scenes from the movie in which mr. darcy is absolutely attractive….then came real mr darcy…in which much is left to be desired….here let me show you what i mean. pictures are pretty small….if you want a better look google pride and prejudice.


here he is way super attractive…the lights the great walk….then i get to this…


i think it is the hair….anywho…peace out friends heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

happy anniversary to me!

so the boy named paul and i have been married 3 years now. it has gone by so fast. he is the best guy ever and i am so glad i found him….enough with the gooey stuff….look what i got!



notice how every flower is pink….not to mention the cute beaded vase that it came in. does the boy named paul know me or what!


then the new totally cute video ipod… is so stinkin’ cute…really fun green color….and since paulie knew how i put everything in my back pocket (phone, keys, brads, ribbon….you name it) he got me a protective cover so that i wouldn’t ruin the screen. like i said…the boy knows me.

i was boring and got him a fan for his computer (so it wouldn’t over heat since he uses it soooo much) and a laptop bag…and some doctor who (weirdo British tv show that he loves) i am married to a geek…and lovin’ every second of it. peace friends….if you still out there…(tear about the peaced out blog) heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

so sorry!!

so so sorry!!…so the boy named paul….he is cute and everything, but he did a very bad bad thing. he over wrote my blog….i didn’t even figure it out until some ladies in my first totally t class mentioned it. holy hannah…bad timing. he fixed it….but…lost all my posts…it was a sad day at the schreiber house. but have no fear….same address…same me…back to blogging…sorry ladies!! peace friends! heidi lynn

Heidi Lynn

Hello world!

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Heidi Lynn